Jay Leno takes the massive six-wheeler out for a spin.

If you've watched episodes of Jay Leno's Garage before, and I'm sure you have, you know that his typical visitors are supercars, classic cars, and luxury cars. In the most recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage, however, a massive Apocalypse Hellfire 6x6 truck makes a visit. This massive creation comes out of Fort Lauderdale where the company's headquarters is based. The team starts with the cabin of a Jeep Gladiator, and then fabricates everything that makes it looks ferocious and luxurious, and even hand-manufactures the middle axle. As far as engines go, they offer an LS3, twin-turbo diesel and a Hellcat. From the front to rear, there really is so much to uncover when it comes to Apocalypse 6x6's creations. That means if you don't have one in front of you, you ought to click play on the video up above and learn what makes these trucks so special. And while this truck isn't Leno's style, he still loved not only the vehicle but the story of how the Apocalypse 6x6 company came to be. Who knows, maybe we'll see one in Jay Leno's collection in the future.

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