Presented by Eckard Enterprises - Since 1985, Troy W. Eckard has represented sophisticated investors who are lawyers, engineers, geologists, bankers, doctors, and other highly skilled professionals who desire to invest directly into US oil and gas assets. He has built a reputation of being a no-nonsense, blunt, straight-shooting Texan. Troy knows that a man’s handshake and his word are the brands in which his character is built!

Eckard Enterprises (“EE”) has been built on transparency, fairness, expertise, and toughness all based upon long-lasting relationships. EE, with Troy’s guidance, has dedicated its reputation of excellence through unique industry skills and expertise in locating, acquiring, and managing energy assets in the oil and gas sector.

High net worth investors seek to be involved but shy away due to the complexity of oil and gas. In addition, the industry has a long history of being wrought with scoundrels, crooks, and thieves. As Troy’s Dad always said, “A man’s word is his bond, and that bond must never be broken or that man is broken!” This is who The Texan is and what he stands for.

Eckard is a family-run investment business that offers three critical aspects that no other oil & gas investment company offers:

  1. Thirty-six years in business and extensive cross-sector expertise
  2. The ONLY company that puts all partners in the same room/conference to meet one another and truly be partners.
  3. Invests its own money first and upfront before asking 3rd party investors to participate.

Watch our Eckard 2021 Partner’s Conference video held at Gateway Canyon Resort in Colorado. The three-day event brought together our partners at one venue. The conference was hosted for partners to learn more about their investments, our company and to mingle with fellow partners. No other investment company hosts this type of Partners conference.

Eckard prides itself on the personal relationship we have with each one of our partners. At Eckard, you are not just a client, you truly are our Partner!