Presented by Metron Garage - When he’s not running his multiple companies or spending time with family, you might find Timothy Hogue out in his garage.

Hogue is a genuine gear head, and some of his favorite automobiles surround him out there. His friends do too, as they often drop in to talk about cars, and everything else. Occasionally Timothy finds a quiet moment alone to light a cigar and just ponder life for a while.

And for Hogue, that’s the epitome of garage culture: spending time the way you want, with the cars and people who mean the most to you.

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Hogue’s personal garage is a two-story model called the Fuel City Loft, a structure he prototyped, designed and built back in 2015 while he was starting up Metron Garage, a company he still leads today.

His garage - and all the garages designed by Metron - use North American steel for the frames. Steel is a high-strength product garnering a resurgence of demand, in part because it allows for more open concept options and wider design spans.

Hogue majored in Architectural Design and Commercial Art, minoring in Fine Art and Business at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY., home of the Corvette. The overlap of architecture and design is where Hogue finds the inspiration for his cutting-edge garage concepts.

“Design moves people,” says Hogue. “I see this everywhere: in the lines of a car that create simultaneous flow and tension, in the brushstrokes of a painting, and in the interplay of structure and space in architecture.”