Presented and Provided by International Defense K9 - We are so excited to share with you our awesome adventures of Westminster. Having helped over two hundred families from all over the world protect their most important assets through training personal protection dogs, it is no surprise that our hard work has led us to the biggest dog show stage in the world. People are confident in choosing International Defense K9 for all their security needs due to our unmatched real-world experience that other competitors simply do not have. Showing dogs at Westminster is an amazing accomplishment but performing at a high level is nothing new to us. Having competed at the MondioRing 2017 World Championship along with being one of less than eight level-three super selective decoys in the entire United States it only makes sense to go with the best if you’re in the market for a luxury personal protection dog. This is our passion and helping people throughout the world with all their protection needs is a cause that we believe in.