Designed to be a grand tourer and sports car.

The much-anticipated Audi skysphere concept car has been unveiled before its public unveiling at Monterey Car Week. This new concept is a two-door electric car with a truly unique transforming feature. With the press of a button, the skysphere can transform between a grand tourer and a sports car. Audi made this possible through a variable wheelbase. When activated, this mechanism slides the body and frame components into each other, allowing the length of the ar to vary by 9.8 inches. While the driver can steer the car on their own when in the "sport" mode, automotive driving takes over when in the "GT mode." Its autonomous nature is further exemplified by the "disappearing" pedals and steering wheel when in "GT" mode. Audi also notes that the skysphere concept would be able to pick up passengers and take care of everyday tasks all on its own. While it won't be able to order you a meal, it seems likely that it would be able to pick up to-go orders for you. As for what powers the new Audi skysphere concept car, that's all handled by an electric motor that sends power to the rear axle. In total, it produces 465 kW of power (around 624 horsepower) and 553 lb-ft of torque. Audi also notes that it would have a range of over 310 miles.

If you'd like to see this wild concept car for yourself, you will be able to see it on the Pebble Beach golf course after its debut on August 13 at the Monterey Car Week.

Source: Audi