You will be able to see the record-breaking hypercar at Czinger's private Pebble Beach home during Monterey Car Week.

To start this off, we have to talk about how incredible the Czinger 21C is. Not only was its design created through AI, but each component is also manufactured using AI. By using AI, Czinger Vehicles have completely optimized the 21C's weight, aerodynamics and performance. Everything about the creation of this car is really interesting, to say the least. What's more, it seems that their methods have worked because the 21C has just annihilated the Laguna Seca lap record. On July 21, Joel Miller was behind the seat of a 21C and took it through the circuit for a lap time of 1:25:44. That lap time beats out the previous record set by Randy Pobst in the McLaren Senna (1:27.62). That's a two-second gap between these laps, an incredible feat for the team at Czinger Vehicles.

Click play on the video up above to see the record-breaking day for yourself.

Source: Czinger Vehicles