We can't get enough of these wonderful supercars.

After the debut of the Gordon Murray T.50 supercar, I get excited every time more information or media is released. Here I am, excited once again, as a new video shows the T.50 XP2 and XP3 prototypes rip around the Dunsfold 'Top Gear' test track. Driving the cars were Gordon Murray and Senior Test and Development Driver, Steve Hays. The sounds that these cars produce as they hit 5,000 rpm is like music to my ears. What's even more exciting is that the production version of the T.50 will have a 3.9-liter V12 engine that will hit 12,100 rpm. That will make it the highest revving road-going V12 in history. Click play up above to hear and see them in action.

Just 100 examples of the T.50 will be created with first deliveries planned in 2022.