That was... close.

It was a few months ago that Street Speed 717 jumped his Ram 1500 TRX over a little creek. This not only totaled the truck but also prompted authorities to slap him with $53,000 worth of fines. Why? The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission charged him with 18 counts that included "disturbance of waterways and watersheds," and "pollution of waters." That's quite a bit of money he was out if you consider the Ram 1500 TRX price. Still, that hasn't stopped him from his jumping antics as he recently jumped his new TRX over a Dodge Viper ACR. What's crazy about this stunt is how close the TRX's tires were to the roof of the Viper. I mean... we're talking centimeters or even millimeters of space between the two. You can check it out for yourself in the video down below from Vehicle Virgins.