Although the title of the World's Fastest Art Car belongs to another Koenigsegg x James Jean project.

Koenigsegg and James Jean have revealed yet another art car to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Children Foundation. The first art car was a Koenigsegg Agera RS art car covered in a wrap that features James Jean's "Pomegranate" artwork. For this Koenigsegg CCX, nicknamed "Big Brother" it has been wrapped in his images titled, "Les Forestiers II." Across the car, you'll discover imagery of fiction fauna and flora in a completely seamless pattern. When this Koenigsegg is on display at Ancillary Studios in Southcoast Plaza on September 25th and 26th, guests will be able to color the hypercar just as if it were a coloring book. For more information about the event, be sure to check out @ancillarystudios on Instagram.