There's no way this isn't a blast to drive.

Introducing the new Caterham Seven 170, the first new model from the automaker since they were acquired by VT Holdings, a Japanese automotive group. This is an important fact because this new Seven 170 meets Japan's Kei car regulations just like its predecessor, the Seven 160. One of, if not THE most important fact about the new Seven 170 is its weight which is just 970 lbs. That stat makes this new model Caterham's light production car ever. If you combine that weight with its power output of 84 bhp and 86 lb-ft of torque from its 660cc turbocharged Suzuki engine, you have the recipe for a track day delight. As far as looks go, Caterham is introducing a few new touches on this model that are a first for the brand. These new features include the new alloy wheels, rear LED lights and a new stripe design.

Caterham will be offering the Seven 170 in two variants, the "road-ready" 170S, and the "race-ready" and stripped-down 170R. Prices for the Caterham Seven 170 in kit form start at around $31,500 USD.

Source: Caterham