Porsche steps off the track and into the bike lane with the Porsche Design eBikes.

Since its release to the Porsche Design lifestyle collection, the eBike lineup incorporates the same design and technology qualities that go into the performance vehicles being rolled off the production line. Professional mountain-biker Kathrin Baumann and former cycling professional Tarek Rasouli put the Porsche eBikes to the test in a video released to the Porsche Design Instagram page. As the collection features two models that cater to both road and trail riding, Kathrin breaks down the Cross version while explaining her love for the features like the powerful Shimano electric motor and attentive disk brake system.

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The Porsche eBike collection  is the product combination of Porsche and the bicycle professionals and Rotwild, which embodies the quality and performance of the two German brands. The collection is being recognized as a key feature at this year’s IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany. The new Porsche eBike series is currently available through the Porsche website starting at $8,550. Shop the collection and decide if the the Porsche Design eBike Sport or Cross fits your lifestyle by clicking the link below.

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