Daniel Arsham presents yet another breathtaking Porsche example.

While vintage Porsche models continue to be seen as works of art, artist Daniel Arsham takes that thought to a whole new level. Daniel’s past Porsche projects included the Crystal Eroded Porsche 911 and his 1986 Porsche 930A Turbo. Daniel Arsham is proud to announce his newest project and addition to the garage, the 1973 Porsche RSA x Arsham Studios. The classic track-ready chassis features the iconic 2.7L flat-six, which makes all the right noises for any Porsche enthusiast. Along with its period-correct performance, Daniel Arsham adds his tasteful personal touches to embrace the rich heritage of Porsche. The 70’s-inspired design features a gloss yellow paint job with pale yellow bumpers to commemorate the RSR racecars from that era. Complementing the yellow paint are light blue accents throughout the exterior of the Porsche RSA, including the custom ‘Arsham’ decals and wheels. The interior is done in wide wale chocolate brown with ‘RSA’ stitched into the headrests of the sport-style seats. As Daniel Arsham presents his third Porsche project, we are excited to see it both in the studio and on the road. Click the link below to view all the current 1973 Porsche 911 listings available on duPont REGISTRY.

Porsche 930 For Sale

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