A rare custom Ferrari 812 GTS configured by the Italian manufacturer's custom division.

The Ferrari 812 GTS continues to grow in popularity throughout the automotive world as it is best known as an exclusive front-engine V12 with the ability to drop its top for perfect weather occasions. The Tailor-Made division is proud to present an 812 GTS chassis that went through a custom configuration process to differentiate itself from all others while catering to the vision of the owner. This Ferrari 812 GTS features a balanced combination of grey exterior surfaces, including a contrasting racing stripe that runs down the elongated body. While the exterior boasts a rather modest styling, the interior layout screams sophistication with a Frau Heritage Walnut leather. This Ferrari 812 GTS by the Tailor-Made division exemplifies the perfect balance of a custom Italian supercar specification. View all current Ferrari 812 GTS available on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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Media Source: Ferrari IG