Bombardier is calling their the "Industry's Best Super mid-size Business Jet."

The Super mid-size business jet range just got a lot better thanks to the new Bombardier Challenger 3500. This new private jet is a clear improvement over its predecessor, providing improvements in many ways. First up is the redesigned interior that offers Bombardier's patented "Nuage" seat in the standard configuration. Passengers will also benefit from the 41% reduced cabin altitude of 4,850 ft at 41,000 ft. To control the many systems onboard, like lighting, temperature, and entertainment, the Challenger 3500 now has a voice-controlled cabin. Ever feel cold while trying to doze off during a flight? On the Challenger 3500, you can simply use your voice to change the temperature without having to get up. Now that's nice. Other technological enhancements include wireless chargers and a 24-inch 4K display. Bombardier is also pushing sustainability in many ways. In fact, the Challenger 3500 will be the first business jet in the super mid-size range to receive an Environmental Product Declaration( EPD). To achieve this, Bombardier has introduced aspects like the new sustainable cabin materials, an eco app that optimizes flight plans for reduced fuel burns, and more.

Bombardier expects the Challenger 3500's entry-into-service to happen in the second half of 2022.

Source: Bombardier