Learn the story of Isabelle, a very important figure in De Tomaso Automobili's history.

While we have all heard of the automaker known as De Tomaso, not many know of how this iconic company came to life. It all started in the world of motorsport where two racers met in 1956. These two racers would be Alejandro de Tomaso and Elizabeth "Isabelle" Haskell. Isabelle was the daughter of William C. Durant, who happened to be one of the founders of General Motors. She left the states for Europe so she could pursue a career as a racing driver and that led her to meet Alejandro. After getting married a year after they met, they founded De Tomaso Automobili in 1959. The rest is history. Now, De Tomaso is paying tribute to Isabelle with not only a short film but also naming the homologation prototype for the P72 after her. You can view the short film up above.

Source: De Tomaso Automobili