As close to the track as you can get without actually being there.

Dynisma, a UL-based motion simulator technology company, has just revealed their new DMG-1 and DMG-1 Carbon (DMG-1C) driving simulators. No, these simulators are not ones that you'd find in a gaming room but are instead ones found in development centers for automakers and motorsport teams. The DMG-1 features the lowest latency and the highest bandwidth of any simulator currently available. This allows the simulators to provide the driver with real-time feedback so that they can react just as they would in a real vehicle. For instance, a driver will be able to quickly handle oversteer thanks to the low latency and will also feel it right away thanks to the high bandwidth. Essentially, everything about Dynisma's DMG-1 simulators revolves around immediate and accurate responses.

"Our mission is to create the world’s most immersive simulators and widen the access to the best high-fidelity, responsive motion generators that drivers and engineers could want," says Ashley Warne, Dynisma's CEO. "Dynisma’s advanced DMG-1 technologies offer the perfect solution for a range of specific requirements we’ve identified across many forms of motorsports, automotive manufacturers, and Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry."

By using such an accurate simulator like the DMG-1, development teams can drastically cut their costs. These simulators remove costs associated with mileage, repairs, production of prototypes, production of modified components and so much more. What's more, the DMG-1 and DMG-1C simulators are available as turn-key solutions. Dynisma can also customize the DMG-1 to exact requirements.

This news also comes after Dynisma announced delivered a bespoke simulator to Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow. The simulator sits in a new building that rests between the team's main office of Gestione Sportive and the Fiorano Track. The teams at Scuderia Ferrari and Dynisma have been working on this simulator for the past two years.

You can learn more about Dynisma and their DMG-1 simulators by clicking the button below.

Source: Dynisma