Watch out TRX, there's a new truck in town.

The RAM 1500 TRX has been a hot ticket in the truck world as of recent, and for good reason (power). Now, the new Hennessey Venom 775 F-150 has just been unveiled and it packs power and specs that should excite truck fans. To begin, Hennessey takes the F-150's 5.0-liter V8 engine and almost doubles the 400 horsepower output up to 775 hp. They accomplish this through the implementation of a 3.0-liter twin-scroll supercharger, a new intercooler system and more. Additionally, torque is increased by 275 lb-ft up to 685 lb-ft. While those are already impressive numbers, it's the weight that seals the deal for the Venom F-150. Being around 2,000 lbs lighter than the TRX, this new truck from Hennessey easily wins the power-to-weight argument.

The price for the new Hennessey Venom F-150 will end up being around $90,000 to $110,000 (including the stock V8 Ford F-150), depending on options. It comes with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Just 100 examples are planned for production.

Source: Hennessey Performance