The perfect deskmate for any Ferrari fan.

Amalgam Collection's creations are as intricate as a fine watch, making them much more than an average model car. That's why each release from the company is so exciting because they're all so incredibly special in their own right. The latest release is a Ferrari F8 Tributo model in 1:8 scale. Handcrafted and finished in Amalgam Collection's workshops, this new model is a perfect replication of the Italian supercar, albeit in a smaller size. To ensure that this model is up to Amalgam Collection's very high standards, they worked with CAD sourced directly from Ferrari's design office. To take it a step further, they sent the first prototype to Ferrari so that their engineering and design teams could ensure its accuracy. As you can see, from the exterior to the interior, this F8 Tributo scale model is exquisite.

Just 199 examples of the Ferrari F8 Tributo scale model from Amalgam Collection will be created. To learn more, click the button below to visit their website.