Bring performance and comfort to your closet with the new release from Ferrari x PUMA.

Whether it’s creating an Italian supercar to crush lap times around the circuit or designing a fashionable fit for any occasion, Ferrari incorporates quality, performance, and comfort to achieve its luxury feel. Ferrari is proud to announce its newest footwear release as part of the lifestyle collection, the new Nitefox Sneakers by Puma. Inspired by the design of the legendary Ferrari Testarossa, the Nitefox sneakers are an ultramodern take on the Ferrari aesthetic, combining the bright energy of their silhouette with solid shape, their style, and functionality, all in one bold shoe with iconic charm. The anatomy of a car is transformed into a high-performance silhouette in this unisex athletic shoe, featuring oversized proportions and extreme aerodynamics. As a result, the unmistakable vent on the side becomes a structural as well as a distinctive design element, an expression of the unique personality of the sneakers that will be the hit of the season. The all-new Ferrari Nitefox sneakers by Puma are now available for $560 by clicking the link below.

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