The first of 30 Bugatti pool tables is ready for delivery.

Earlier in 2021, Bugatti announced that they would be partnering with IXO (Iconic Xtrem Objects) to create a new and very exclusive pool table. The result of this partnership would be an exquisite pool table that would look perfectly at home next to a Chiron hypercar. With materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and leather, this pool table borrows DNA from the hypercar and molds it into the form of a pool table. Now, the French automaker has revealed the first example of the first officially licensed Bugatti Pool Table. This example is destined for a customer in the US, who will undoubtedly enjoy it for years to come. The customer went for a blue theme, including blue carbon fiber, and has more than just a pool table coming their way. Complimentary items include the wall-mounted cue support that features a 13-inch touch screen for keeping score. Players will use this mount to select their pool cues, each of which is made from carbon fiber and features anodized aluminum ends that were inspired by the buttons of the Bugatti Chiron and Divo. Above the pool table is a lamp that also features the breathtaking blue carbon fiber, and it can also be controlled via the touchscreen on the cue support.

Source: Bugatti