Honoring British engineer Captain George Eyston.

The new Rolls-Royce Landspeed Collection has just been unveiled, consisting duo of ultra-luxury special edition cars. The two models in the collection are a Wraith and Dawn Black Badge. Rolls-Royce created this collection to honor British engineer Captain George Eyston who set new 24-hour and 48-hour endurance speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1935. In 1937, he returned to the famous salt flats in Thunderbolt, an insane creation with three axles, eight wheels, and two Rolls-Royce R V12 aero engines. This was the year he set three world land-speed records.

Rolls-Royce has equipped the duo in the Landspeed Collection with many features that honor Eyston and his accomplishments. For example, Eyston had to follow a black line across the salt flats in order to stay on a safe path. This black line is recalled via a perforated dark detail that runs from the upper center of the steering wheel and through the center-line of the driver's seat. Some of the other details include:

  • "Fissures" found on the wood veneer that were digitally retraced from the salt flats.
  • A silhouette of Thunderbolt on the front tunnel.
  • A dashboard clock with Eyston's third and final land-speed record of 357.497 mph and the name 'Bonneville' engraved into the housing.
  • Yellow accents that mimic the circle painted on Thunderbolt to aid in visibility at top speed.
  • A starlight headliner that recreates the sky as it appeared over the Bonneville Salt Flats the day the third land-speed record was set. (Only in the Wraith)

There will be 25 examples of the Dawn and 35 of the Wraith created within the Rolls-Royce Landspeed Collection. All of these examples have already been claimed by customers.

Source: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars