Keep your hypercar with you when you travel.

This year at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf Volkner Mobil's stand housed an incredible travel package that costs an astonishing $7.7 million. Within this package is the $2.4 million Volkner Mobil Performance S RV that's loaded with options, like a $300,000 Burmester sound system, and a Bugatti Chiron. Why is a Chiron included? Because the RV can actually stow the hypercar in a garage that's located between the front and rear wheels. That means the owner of this extravagant RV can take their hypercar with them no matter where their travels take them. This would be perfect for the times when you're traveling and you see a beautiful winding road that you just have to experience behind the wheel of a performance automobile. It also looks as though the mechanism used for the storage of a vehicle is incredibly simple, which is a huge plus.

See the Volkner Mobil Performance S RV and its capabilities for yourself in the video up above.

Source: Youtube/Volkner Mobile