Presented by Ferco Motors - It was back in 1984 for the Offshore Power Boat World Championship that the wind was howling, prompting the catamaran drivers to be wary of the 5 to 10-foot seas. There was one driver, however, that was happy about the conditions. That man was Bob Saccenti of Team Apache Racing who would be the throttles of Warpath, a 41-foot deep-vee offshore racing boat, while Ben Kramer was Driver and Tom Evans was Navigator. While the catamarans are best suited for flat water to skip across, they do not fare well in high seas. For Saacenti and the Warpath, these conditions gave him a one-up over the competition. Warpath would go on to dominate the 1984 World Championship, placing the boat in powerboat history.

Now, Warpath is heading to auction and is doing so in remarkable condition. Between 2007 and 2009, the boat was given a bow to stern restoration that was overseen by Tom Evans, the original crew chief of Team Apache Racing and navigator for the 1984 world championship season and Gail Paik, the original artist.

Automotive Photography by Deremer Studios, LLC

Warpath came to Gail and Tom in already solid condition, with no structural repairs necessary. The sturdy Kevlar deep-vee hull was already built for heavy seas, allowing it to remain in fantastic condition. Still, the crew brought Warpath back to its original glory through the restoration of the graphics, mechanical, and cabin features. This includes the rebuild of the twin supercharged 572ci Chevrolet big-block V8 engines, as well as as going through all steering components, throttles, and instrumentation. Altogether, Warpath is currently in truly remarkable condition thanks to the restoration and is ready to be cherished by a new owner.

This is a truly rare opportunity for someone to own a piece of boating history. Coming along with the boat is a triple-axle All American trailer. Warpath will be sold via a week-long online auction beginning on September 10, 2021. For more information, be sure to click the button below.