Celebrate McLaren's successful history in motorsports with the new RHUDE collection.

The collaboration efforts between automotive manufacturers and luxury streetwear brands are becoming more popular in the fashion world, with exclusive collections selling out instantly. The McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team is proud to announce its second apparel and accessory line with RHUDE. After an extremely successful first drop, the duo is teaming up to highlight McLaren’s successful history in motorsports. The high-quality collection features jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, polos, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and accessories for all enthusiasts of the two brands. Alongside the apparel side of the release, McLaren F1 x RHUDE features a vintage-style racing helmet. The all-new McLaren F1 x RHUDE Drop 2 is currently available to shop by clicking the link below.

Shop McLaren F1 x RHUDE Drop 2

Media/Info Source: RHUDE