This wheel will take you to victory in the virtual and real world.

When you're practicing a sport or hobby, it's best to do it with something that is very similar to what you'll be using when it comes time to put your skills to the test. This most definitely goes for motorsports where drivers will spend time in simulators before heading out in their real-life cars. For those simulators, you can now use a steering wheel that can be used in a real car thanks to a collaboration between Fanatec and Bentley Motors. The new Bentley GT3 steering wheel from Fanatec will allow drivers to practice with the same wheel they race with, making that time in the simulator even more productive than before. This wheel is filled with features, including a circular digital display that shows vital telemetry and information regarding their current performance. There are also plenty of switches, buttons, paddles, and more that can be configured. What's more, this wheel was designed for the Bentley Pikes Peak GT3 race car. That means you can have the same wheel as the one that will be used in an insane race car that's aiming to break the record for the hill climb course.

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