Racing on a track where no car has been before, the sky.

Since its initial announcement, the Airspeeder series has become one of the most anticipated events in motorsports. Airspeeder is proud to announce its newest EXA Series first flight in its most recent YouTube video released today. In the video, the flying car performs as it maneuvers through a sky-grid, while the EXA Series pit team is at the ready for an on-ground pit stop. During this time, the team replaces what looks to be a battery pack, rather than tire replacement and fuel like a traditional Formula 1 stop. The small milestones that are achieved by Airspeeder continue to excite the past, present, and future motorsport fans, as it brings a whole new light to the world of racing. Taking racing to the sky is just the beginning, as Airspeeder prepares for the racing competitions scheduled for late 2021. Watch the Airspeeder: EXA Series First Flight by clicking on the video above.

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Source: Airspeeder