A tournament filled with drives, putts, and Porsches.

Throughout the professional golf season, we have seen manufacturers sponsoring events with competitors arriving at the course in some of the most exclusive models. Porsche knows this all too well, especially after wrapping up the 2021 Porsche European Open. The tournament concluded with Marcus Armitage winning with a score of eight under par. Throughout the weekend Porsche models like the Taycan Turbo S were placed throughout the landscape for all to enjoy. The highlight of the Porsche European Open sat on the 17th in the form of an all-new Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo presented in a vibrant green paint color. Proudly presented on the “Hole-in-One Prize” podium, each professional took a shot at the par 3 hole in hopes of winning Porsche’s newest model. Porsche continues to diversify its adventures by incorporating its versatile lineup of performance vehicles in all areas of sport and lifestyle. Keep your eyes peeled for more Porsche appearances throughout the professional golf season.


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