Fifteen years has refined the supercar

Deep inside Nissan lies a group of engineers who strive for perfection. The NISMO division has spent over a decade building the ultimate version of the Nissan GT-R. We know full well what the car is capable of in the hands of our aftermarket tuning shops, so what would you do with 600 horsepower from the showroom? Stop staring at the exposed carbon hood so we can tell you what makes the Nissan GT-R an affordable supercar.

Only a few examples are heading here, finished in Stealth Gray with exclusive 20" Rays wheels. Each one sends 481 lb-ft of torque to all wheels because every nut and bolt in the engine is weighed and balanced by one master engineer. The latest 3.8 twin-turbo is assembled in silence inside a room that is cleaner than Area 51.

This attention to detail is not unlike what the Samurai demanded of their clan, and the process is known as Takumi. The finishing touch is a certification plate on the intake. The car is only worthy of such after several white-glove inspections by the team. Our dealers will offer a price that represents the best that Nissan can offer, so click the link to reserve your allocation today.

Images (C) Nissan