Presented by Jet It - This summer travelers are yearning to take their postponed vacations, celebrate rescheduled weddings, explore remote destinations, and get back to live events. According to a study conducted by travel company, Vacasa, 60% of summer travelers are embarking on their first getaway since the pandemic occurred.

Many of these travelers are excited to create new experiences, but in Vacasa’s study, 40% of respondents stated their top travel priority is the people they’re traveling with, and another 41% stated they aren’t going to fly commercially for their trips.

An alternative you can opt for is private travel, and one of the several beauties is the inherent reduction of touchpoints and contacts. Jet It, a hybrid fractional private aviation firm out of North Carolina, successfully navigated the challenges of keeping its passengers safe from exposure throughout the pandemic and saw a 300% increase in sales in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

One of the reasons travelers are flocking to Jet It is due to their more accessible, yet luxurious private travel service. Jet It offers hybrid fractional ownership and a days-based model where owners can travel on a brand new HondaJet Elite the entire day at only $1,600 per flight hour.

If you’re itching to take a trip but haven’t solidified your plans, here are two destinations you can enjoy with friends and family this June.

Sedona, Arizona

For outdoor experiences, Sedona, AZ is packed with views, parks, and ample activities. A few notable locations are Antelope Canyon and Red Rock State Park (pictured). While June is a pretty hot month, the dry air allows for cooler temperatures at night, averaging about 96° during the day and 61° in the evening. Popular outdoor excursions include hiking, rock climbing, and guided ATV tours across the remote desert scenery.

For live experiences, Florida Georgia Line is holding a concert in Camp Verde, AZ on June 12.This location is about a 45 minute drive from Sedona, AZ. If you are interested in a more intimate setting, you can head to Vino Di Sedona for excellent wine, dining, and music. The country and blues ensemble, Six String Society, will be playing on June 24.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

For outdoor experiences, you can bask in the gorgeous waters of San Juan, PR on a catamaran. You can take your family on mid-day picnic or go deep sea fishing with friends. If you are in San Juan on June 23, you can head to any beach and enjoy one of Puero Rico’s beloved cultural experiences, Noche de San Juan. This annual tradition is a spiritual experience where beachgoers take several plunges into the ocean shore at midnight to symbolize the release of negativity from their lives.

For live experiences, you can head to the Cannon Club for the D’Esposo Music Festival from June 4 to June 6. Set inside an architectural beauty, the world’s best classical musicians will host an evening of piano, violin, flute, and cello.

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