Presented by ONEflight - "I am very proud that ONEflight is in fact making an impactful difference in solving the empty leg problem. The private jet industry’s pricing suffers elevated costs as a result of over 35% of all of the daily departures fly empty and the aircraft must reposition for its next flight; known in the industry as an “Empty Leg”. Many have attempted to solve this empty leg problem by creating models to sell individual empty leg flights, with restrictions to specific itineraries, and one must be willing to adapt their schedule to fit both the predetermined destination and the departure time. Since those flying privately do so because they want to control exactly where and when they go, empty leg bookings have failed. This problem has existed for more than 40 years with no resolve due to the vastly fragmented industry, until now.

I saw it differently, “eliminate empty legs”. The solution? defragment the industry, hence I have created a network that allows for the charter companies to best connect consumer trip itineraries with aircraft position and availability on a real time basis. The platform optimizes this by using ONEflight International’s flight tracking technology which matches requested itineraries with the best positioned aircraft, minimizing the aircraft repositioning costs and passing that savings on to the end user.

By eliminating empty legs one at a time, and streamlining the booking process, I expect to drive private flight costs down while increasing efficiency and sustainability. Furthermore, the BAJit platform is on its way to being the clearing house for all private jet flight bookings making it as simple as securing a hotel room. Finally, a true Star Alliance product for the industry that will bring many more to flying private, thus increasing the market size."
-Ferren Rajput

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