Presented by Barrett-Jackson Auction Company – Built with equal measures of extreme lightness and exceptional strength, the McLaren P1 helped ignite the extreme-performance "hypercar" rivalry of the mid-2010s and beyond. This 2015 McLaren P1 is an extremely rare example, one of only 375 produced, and bears chassis #236. The car has celebrity provenance as well, as it was originally owned by renowned Canadian DJ and record producer Deadmau5.

The mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V8 engine features a competition-style dry-sump lubrication system, flat-plane crankshaft and the aforementioned twin turbochargers plus intercoolers. The 3.8-liter DOHC engine develops 727 peak horsepower at 7,300 rpm, and the P1's single electric motor is optimized to negate turbo lag under hard acceleration. Producing 176 horsepower, it raises the P1's total output to a mind-bending factory-rated 903hp. All that power is routed through a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The P1's extremely low dry weight - 3,075 pounds total - yields exceptional performance, enough to launch the car to 60 mph from rest in 2.8 seconds and 6.8 seconds to reach 120 mph. The quarter-mile rushes by in just 9.8 seconds. The speedometer will read 180 mph in 16.5 seconds, en route to an electronically limited top speed of 217 mph. Fuel economy is equally astounding, with 34 mpg average combined fuel consumption.

The P1 is built around carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, weighing just over 198 pounds. The one-piece, carbon-fiber Monocage chassis of the P1 features a rear extruded aluminum subframe, carbon-fiber body panels with a built-in air-intake snorkel, dihedral-opening doors, and high-intensity LED head- and running lights. Amenities include carbon-fiber racing seats, dual-zone climate control, navigation and a portrait-screen infotainment system. Active aerodynamics include adjustable front and rear wings, and adjustable front underbody flaps helping deliver maximum grip at speed.

The P1's double-wishbone independent suspension includes RaceActive chassis control with four damping and roll modes: Normal, Sport, Track and Race (with variable height and spring rates). For stopping power, the P1 uses unique Akebono-McLaren layered carbon-ceramic disc brakes infused with silicon carbide for superior heat dissipation. The high-strength aluminum wheels, measuring 19 inches in diameter up front and 20 inches in the rear, are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa extreme-performance tires. The car is finished in dark blue over a striking two-tone black and white Alcantara upholstery.

Deadmau5’s 2015 McLaren P1 with be selling with No Reserve during the 2021 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction, June 17-19.