An absence of color will clear your mind

Henry Ford told customers they could have any color they liked, so long as it was black. Everyone should own a black car with a mile-deep finish at some point, because when polished to a mirror shine, it reflects the world the driver chooses to encounter. Jaguar has been listening to our advice, so we want to know what makes the F-Type R-Dynamic so inspiring.

FYI: Jaguar will offer the Dynamic Black in other colors....

This new special edition arrives loaded with Windsor Leather, unique wheels, and an ebony suede headliner. What's more, it can be had in both coupe and convertible, rear or AWD, with 4, 6, and 8-cylinder power. I would choose a drop-top, supercharged v8 (450 horsepower) with AWD, because....why not? This new spec is just one of a million ways you could order your F-Type, so click the button below to learn more from our dealers.

Images (C) Jaguar Land Rover