Presented by ONEflight – Educate yourself and you’ll find that private jet charter price increases are already taking place due to demand. If you take into account the huge influx of new to private flyers coming to market, the ongoing demand for leisure and family travel, plus the inevitable return of business travel to pre-pandemic levels, you’ll find these factors are beginning to cause limited availability and price increases across all categories of private aircraft. In a recent survey, Business Jet Traveler reported that 45% of those surveyed stated the main reason they are making the move to fly privately is to save time. While 27% feel that the ability to access airports that commercial airlines do not use is also a deciding factor. Although the primary driver last year may have been COVID concerns, as pandemic anxiety drops, more people are vaccinated and restrictions are lifted, the pent-up demand to travel increases. Moving further into 2021 COVID becomes a smaller part of the equation for most in their decision to make the shift to private aviation. “As we begin recovery from this dual-fronted crisis, certain consumer behaviors have permanently changed,” explained Stephen Rogers, Executive Director, Deloitte Insights Consumer Industry Center, Deloitte LLP.

Denver, CO-based ONEflight International Private Jets has foreseen all of these variables creating a shortfall in private jet availability and have the solution to shape the outcome. Every BAJ Membership comes with guaranteed availability accomplished via their network of 500 trusted operators worldwide. Providing 24/7 access to 5,000 private aircraft in the US and 12,000 globally through their proprietary booking engine, In addition, members are also guaranteed to have the aircraft type of their choice with a 24-hour notice, and in most cases just a 10-hour call-out. Additionally, members have fixed pricing for 12 months, so as prices rise, members will never pay an increase. Every BAJ Member flies at the same pre-determined fixed pricing for every aircraft type, eliminating unforeseen costs. Further, as availability continues to shrink, members will never be left without the aircraft type of their choice, as seen with other membership and charter operations. And to further enhance the benefit, ONEflight is constantly focused on improving its customer service to ensure that they stay in the lead as THE most luxurious jet experience. They do this by providing each member a personal flight coordinator for every trip, executive car service from your door to the foot of the jet and on to your destination upon arrival, and top it off with catered meals for every passenger on every flight. Before, during, and upon arriving at your destination, members have a fully dedicated concierge team. Lastly, through elite partnerships created around the globe of the best of the best, members also receive exclusive, unequaled access to VIP events, a nationwide bespoke tailor, personalized ski rentals on nearly every continent, 1,800 yachts, wineries, villas, private islands, thousands of luxury residences, and the top hotel suites around the world.