It's time for something all-new

Half a century ago, the world was introduced to the iconic Mercedes-Benz SL. The R 107 chassis launched in 1971 with V8 power and it was largely unchanged for a long run of over 18 years. The factory turned out only 237,000 examples, and apparently, they all landed in Florida...Because the SL Class is so timeless, our dealers confirmed it is coming back. Having been on sabbatical for two years, the S-Class coupe and cabriolet sold well, but times are a-changing. Before diving into the specifics, consider the 2018 SL65 price and specs.

The move to electric integration is proceeding quickly, as the new CLS will incorporate batteries in all models. Its modular architecture was developed exclusively for Mercedes-AMG, and it will be shared to underpin the SL. So the Benz surname has been retired to make way for the Mercedes-AMG SL. We won't compromise our dealers who shared this information, so take a minute to find a great deal on a classic SL by clicking on the button, and stay with us for all your AMG news.

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