The earphone market is growing incredibly competitive as of recent and it grows even more competitive when active noise canceling (ANC) is thrown into the mix. Master & Dynamic's latest release, their MW08 True Wireless Earphones with ANC, have joined the competition and are worth your time if you're looking at new premium earphones.


First, let's talk about the design of the MW08. I knew I was in for a treat when the package itself was well thought out. Each of the components (charging cable, USB-C to USB-A adapter and ear tips) were in designated little boxes. My favorite was the packaging for the ear tips which were arranged by size and made picking out the right size a simple task. When I picked up the stainless steel case for the earphones, I was surprised with how substantial it felt in my hand. The construction of the case is very sturdy and the weight speaks to its ability to hold 30 hours of charge time in addition to the earphone's playtime of 12 hours (42 hours total).

As for the earphones themselves, they are gorgeous. It's about now that people ought to start thinking of earphones as fashion accessories because these are stylish. The pair I reviewed was the Black Ceramic model and I immediately wanted to show them off. Master & Dynamic's known D-shaped design continues from the MW07s to the MW08s and it's a design that works very well ergonomically speaking. I say that because when pressing the buttons on each earphone, your thumb rests on the flat button while your pointer finger presses the button in a pinching motion. This allows you to press the buttons without having to interrupt the earphone's placement in your ear. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the physical buttons as opposed to touch-sensitive areas.


The most important topic when it comes to earphones is obviously the sound and the MW08s deliver on many fronts. Master & Dynamic is known for their expertise in the audio department and the MW08s offer an incredible sound profile that's expected from such a company. From highs to lows, I was floored with how well they sounded. When it comes to music, I tested a wide range of genres (rap, electronic, metal, classical and more) and each track offered depth that you just can't find in your typical earphone. From the crunch of a guitar in a metal song to the intricate notes of an electronic track, I was in love. What I loved the most is that nothing was overdone-- there's no super deep bass that sounds unnatural and no presence of treble that's forced. I'll put it this way: all I wanted to do when I started listening to music was to not stop listening. That's how good they sound. I should also add that I tested them with a few movies and was blown away clear voices and sound effects were.

Another aspect of sound that the MW08s excel in is their active noise canceling abilities. Thanks to six microphones placed across both earphones, the MW08s do a fantastic job at keeping your ears focused on what you're listening to. After wearing them while cooking and working, they performed wonderfully and are on par or even better than other premium earphones. What's more, the new M&W Connect App offers even greater control over ANC.

M&W Connect App

Before I even started using the new MW08s, I installed the new M&W Connect app and installed the latest update. From there, I explored the app to see what was offered. While there aren't a ton of options to go through, the options given can completely change how you listen to music. First up is the World Volume option that allows you to change between "ANC," "Ambient," or Off. When ANC is selected, you're given two more options: Max ANC and All Day ANC. As the name suggests, MAX ANC should be picked for noisy environments as it will cancel out sounds from airplanes and crowds. All Day ANC is better suited for quiet places and is what I have been mostly using. Then there's the Ambient option which offers "Voice" and "Awareness" options. The voice option is great if you work in an office and don't want coworkers screaming at you as they try and get your attention, while Awareness is good if you really need to be aware of your surroundings. Other options that the app provides include an Auto-Off Timer that will turn off the earphones when nothing is being played, as well as an in-ear detection options. There is no equalizer to be found within the app, but the sound the MW08s provide shouldn't be messed with, to be quite honest.


One last thing I'll talk about is something on a lot of people's minds when it comes to earphones is how they perform when exercising. After wearing them while running, biking and weightlifting, I can say there were no complications. While they might be a bit heavier than the Apple AirPods Pro by just over three grams, I was never aware of their weight while running and never concerned that they would fall out. What's more, the physical buttons on each earphone made changing songs and volume a breeze even when mid-stride.


Master & Dynamic have hit it out of the park with the new MW08s. From their design to the sound quality, I can say that these are easily my favorite earphones on the market right now. If you're shopping around for a new set of premium earphones, these definitely disserve your eyes... and ears.

We received these earphones for free from Master & Dynamic.