The perfect tourbillon for your Aston Martin.

Recently, the news of Aston Martin entering a partnership with Girard-Perregaux shocked the world of watches and motorsports. Since its announcement, watch enthusiasts and motorsports fans have anticipated an automotive-inspired luxury watch release from the Swiss manufacturer. Girard-Perregaux is proud to announce the release of the new Tourbillon with Three Flying Bridges - Aston Martin Edition. Following the stealth Aston Martin looks, the Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon features a 44mm Grade 5 Titanium case treated in matte black PVD. Underneath the sapphire crystal, an intricate cage system suspends the Tourbillon movement using the three bridges crafted from precious metals. The oversized transparent back case allows for a second view of the inner workings of state-of-the-art movement technology. The Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon Aston Martin Edition also comes with the ability to choose from a large-scale black leather strap or a sporty leather/fabric band. The all-new Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon Aston Martin Edition is currently available through an authorized dealer for $146,000.

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