Presented by Bell - The west coast of Canada boasts of impeccable, mountainous scenery and an array of fun, outdoor opportunities. For adventurers looking for forest and mountainside terrain to explore, the agile Bell 505 offers easy access to remote locations while delivering its own thrilling experience as it takes them there. As the lakes, rivers and mountains of British Columbia beckon, adrenaline-seeking individuals and outdoor enthusiasts can easily discover new, seldom explored spots for skiing, fishing, hiking and more with a Bell 505.

Pilot David Sprague uses his Bell 505 for these exciting excursions, while always keeping safety top of mind. “Safety is our number one priority, especially with family often along for the ride. The 505 has an incredibly proven rotor system. Add a great engine, modern aviation instrumentation and modern engineering; it's an aircraft you can have a lot of confidence in.” Using this helicopter, David is able share his passion for outdoor adventures with his family. “We have confidence in this machine to get us in and out of heli-fishing, heli-hiking and heli-swimming adventures with the kids as well as camping trips and explorations throughout the Coast Mountains. We always have a couple of fishing rods or outdoor gear in the back. It's got lots of room and lots of flexibility. We live in an amazing place to be able to do this sort of thing. It's a privilege.”

Another Canadian pilot, Neil Mclean, also agrees that Bell’s short light single aircraft offers a spacious cabin and is great for his family vacations across the Canadian countryside. “The passengers feel much more involved and connected with no wall in the cockpit, and their visibility is way better.” With stadium seating and a spacious compartment for storing gear and luggage, it provides an easy, enjoyable flight. “My kids love sitting in the back. They have lots of room, and they hook up the headsets to their tablets and just chill. The baggage compartment is massive, so we never run out of the room. Even when three of us came back from the delivery, flying for five or six days with all our gear, we got it all into the back no problem.” Ideal for carrying kids, gear and more, the Bell 505 can easily help explorers unlock access to new locations filled with unlimited adventure potential, and it has the stories to prove it.

Hear from pilots, operators and adventurers about their unique experiences in the world’s most advanced short light single helicopter, the Bell 505.