The true test between modern and modified performance.

As time goes on, the automotive industry continues to be introduced to new supercars with more power than the previous model before it. The Ferrari 488 Pista is the perfect example, as it produces 711-horsepower from its 3.9L Twin-Turbocharged V8. The team over at Hoonigan Industries decided to put the modern-day supercar up against YouTuber Rob Dahm’s 1,033-horsepower 3-Rotor Mazda RX7. The video highlights the technological advancements in performance and aerodynamics between the two generations of cars. Along with putting both cars up against each other on the drag strip, Alex from TAG Motorsports shows the guys what the shop’s Ferrari 488 Pista can really do with a series of burnouts and donuts. Watch TAG Motorsport’s Ferrari 488 Pista take on Rob Dahm’s modified Mazda RX7 in Hoonigan’s new YouTube video by clicking the video above.

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Media Source: Hoonigan YouTube