From the tv set to the track, Porsche stays in the lead.

Porsche continues to act as the fun and versatile car brand, taking to social media to recognize its media appearances throughout the years. After the announcement of the new FRIENDS Reunion, Porsche was quick to respond as it recent Instagram post that reads “Could We BE any more excited about the FRIENDS Reunion”. Porsche posted a photo of its iconic car cover partially uncovered to reveal only a stack of moving boxes, which is meant to signify the brand's involvement in Episode 5 from Season 6 titled “The One with Joey’s Porsche”. The episode features the 996 911 Turbo Convertible, in which Joey Tribbiani finds a set of lost keys in New York City’s Central Park. As the show reached numerous milestones, Porsche models were featured throughout the series. Look out for Porsche models in the new FRIENDS Reunion set to release today.

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