This could end up being one of the most luxurious yacht, ever.

Even if you're not into fashion, you know that the name Giorgio Armani is one that's synonymous with luxury. When that name is tied to a project, you can bet that's it's going to be worth your time. For example, news just dropped that Giorgio Armani and The Italian Sea Group are collaborating to create a new megayacht. Not much is known about this new vessel, but what we do know is that it will measure in with a length of 72 meters (about 236 feet), the build will be handled by Admiral Yachts and it will be ready in early 2024. That's a lot of time from now, so expect to see more news being released. I'm excited to see the progress knowing The Italian Sea Group's capabilities. Ever heard of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 yacht? That's under The Italian Sea Group's umbrella.

Stay with us for more information as it's release, and be sure to check out all of our yacht news.

Source: Facebook/Giorgio Armani