As the wave of electric transportation continues to venture into more industries, we see household name brands adapting with their own versions of eco-friendly rides. Specialized is known as an industry leader for cycling with its vast array of traditional bicycles geared for any and every type of riding out there. The company is proud to announce the unveiling of the Turbo Como, a new electric bicycle collection sporting a classic cruiser look. The Turbo Como is advertised as a “low-maintenance joy machine”, featuring a modernly-styled cargo basket with a 77-pound weight capacity. Two versions of the Turbo Como are offered through Specialized, categorizing the two based on intended riding plans and range expectations for customers interested. The electric motor from Specialized has a 27mph top speed and features Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and Turbo Mode, each maintaining a specific range that can be increased with the optional Range Extender Battery. Along with the two electric bicycles, Specialized also sells accessories for the Turbo Como Collection to make rides efficient and safe for all riders. The Specialized Turbo Como bicycles are currently available through an authorized dealer starting at $4,000.

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