Two new hypercars take a path less traveled.

If a tree falls in the forest onto a junk car, we will smile. If we see a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport test driving through a French forest we will be envious. Driving great cars is what makes life worth living, so one lucky customer chose to take a new Chiron Sport and a Pur Sport into the Rambouillet.

About 30 miles west of Paris lies a picturesque hotel that was once an 11th-century Monastery. Monks dedicated to piety and penitence would reconsider their career choices if they heard 1,500 horsepower ripping through the secluded woods. Although they have a similar name, these two cars have very different personalities.

We first met the Chiron Sport in 2018. Compared to a normal production Chiron, the car is more visceral thanks to lightweight components and stiffer suspension. A few customers demanded more, so the Pur Sport is almost a completely different car underneath. It is tuned for maximum grip on the track and ultimate acceleration. They also endowed it with aggressive gear ratios and the most downforce of any Bugatti to date. Chiron Sport does not have a production cap whereas only 60 examples of the Pur Sport will be offered. Choosing between top speed and top grip is a tough decision, so tell us which Chiron belongs in your garage in the comments below.

Images (C) Bugatti