In recent events, the ever-growing popularity of NFTs has finally hit the watch industry and it begins with one of the biggest names on the market. Jacob & Co. is proud to announce that it will be auctioning off the first NFT Epic SF24 Tourbillon through ArtGrails, the new luxury NFT auction house founded by Avery Andon. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is described as one-of-one items that hold proof of being the original example, commonly seen in the world of art after the digital artwork of Beeple was sold for $63.9 million at Christie’s. The Jacob & Co. NFT watch takes inspiration from the Epic SF24 and features a working Flap System that will display assorted cryptocurrencies. The piece unique Jacob & Co. NFT SF24 Tourbillon watch will be sold in a 5 Day Auction, starting at $1,000 on April 4th and ending on APRIL 8th at 1 pm EST. Visit ArtGrails for your chance to bid on the first-ever NFT luxury watch by Jacob & Co.

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