A yacht meant for pure relaxation.

Evo Yachts, owned by Blue Emme Yachts, has just announced the launching of their new Evo V8 flagship. This 78.7-foot yacht is a vessel meant to excite, with Evo Yachts comparing it to a Russian matryoshka doll hiding multiple surprises. The launch ceremony occurred at the Torre Annunziata marina close to Naples, where the owner and Evo Yachts team was in attendance.

Production Manager Paolo D’Orazio had this to say regarding the Evo V8: “During these hectic months, the shipyard’s team have worked on this ambitious project with dedication, passion and commitment. The creation of Evo V8 is the result of an important period of growth for the shipyard and this fills us with pride. At the same time, the launch is also a point of departure towards new increasingly ambitious and innovative projects.”

The Evo V8 has a truly innovative layout that makes it stand out among other similar-sized yachts. One of the most interesting aspects regarding the layout is that she offers four helm stations. How Evo yachts accomplished this was by putting two yacht wheels, one port and one starboard, on the main deck and two more on the roof top. The Evo V8 also has an spacious and open beach area that invites guests to take in the ocean view surrounding the yacht.

Expect to see the Evo V8's debut during the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival.

Source: Evo Yachts