Which mode is right for the situation?

Incredible power and bold styling should be enough for anyone. But what if you actually want to harness the abilities of your Raging Bull? Their latest press release gives us scenarios to explain the Lamborghini Urus driving modes. From the factory, the Urus specs include six driving modes. That is fine and dandy for most situations. Should you find yourself in a dynamic situation, a seventh mode is your blank canvas.

Several hundred times a second, a powerful computer takes inputs from wheel speed, body roll, accelerometers, steering angles, and the engine's operating system. It uses these along with your right foot to instantly change the suspension, torque distribution, transmission shifting, and power delivery to keep your Urus under control. What it comes down to is how you feel: drift vs. grip. Tell us which mode suits your commute in the comments below.

Images (C) Lamborghini