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At CarCapsule, we have been providing top-of-the-line car storage solutions since 1988. Over the years, we’ve been working every day to improve our products and ensure access to premium storage for cars. 30+ years of technology and innovation have culminated in this one product: the CF1 Series car capsule. Keep reading to learn more about CarCapsules storage for cars solution and order your CF1 Series capsule today.

The Penultimate in Storage For Cars

For car enthusiasts, protecting your pride and joy in a garage is a given, but what if you could take that protection even further? The CF1 Series helps you do just that — taking the protection of your priceless car, truck, or bike to the next level. The CF1 Series is a 24/7-, 365-days-a-year solution. It provides storage for cars, trucks, and other vehicles that actively protects your vehicle from dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, odors, and pests all while showcasing your beautiful car. This is partially thanks to the high CFM fan and washable charcoal filter that ensures the environment inside the storage for cars stays perfect and ideal. Keep your car in mint, show-condition all year long with the CF1 Series from CarCapsule.

Easy as 1-2-3

Storage for cars has never been easier than it is with the CF1 Series. 

Step 1: Lay your car capsule down flat where you’d like it to reside.

Step 2: Attach the pump and inflate the car capsule.

Step 3: Drive your vehicle in and provide it with premium-level protection. 

Protecting your treasured car, truck, or bike couldn’t be easier. In fact, many CF1 Series owners claim that they had their storage for cars up and running in four minutes. In just under five minutes, you’ll have a comprehensive, practical storage solution for your prized vehicle. And, should the power ever go out, the car capsule simply converts itself into a traditional car cover until power is restored. Once power is back online, the CF1 Series will reinflate itself as if nothing happened and continue keeping your car looking pristine. 

Simple Access

Don’t worry, once your CarCapsule storage for cars is all set up, your vehicle isn’t trapped in the protected bubble. If you’d like to take your car out and load it in a trailer for the next show, simply unzip the back entrance and back it on out. Or, if you’d just like to sit in or admire your vehicle like the artistic piece of motoring engineering that it is, you can unzip the side door for easy access.

Built To Last

CarCapsule has been providing reliable storage for cars since 1988. While the CF1 Series hasn’t been around that long, our track record more than speaks for itself. Many of the prototypes we built back when we first started are still in use today. While the fans have a rated lifetime of three to five years depending on their environmental conditions, you can rest easy knowing the CarCapsule itself will last many years to come.

Order the CF1 Series at CarCapsule Today!

Ready to protect your baby from dust, dirt, pests, and more? Check out our CF1 Series at CarCapsule today. You can choose from the 16’, 18’, or 20’ options, all with included LED Kit, Intellicharger, and Road Emblazoned Flooring.