From a blank canvas, to the street

Daniel Arsham is not only a world-renowned New York City artist who collaborates with some of the most well-known luxury brands, but he is also a car enthusiast. We have covered his Crystal Eroded Porsche projects featuring the 992 911 as well as the 930 911 Turbo, which happens to be Daniel Arsham’s favorite vehicle. In a short film by Type 7 Films, Daniel breaks-down his artistic process and how projects like the Porsche help broaden the art community by captivating a new audience. The American artist goes on to explain how he paints in shades of grey and black using specialty marked bottles in order from darkest to lightest because of his color blindness. It goes to show that Daniel Arsham and Porsche continue to bridge the gap between art and the automotive world. Watch Daniel Arsham in the Studio with Type 7 Films by clicking the video link above.

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