It looks fast even when it's parked.

Felipe Pantone, an Argentinian artist, has unveiled the second collaboration between himself and Alpine. While their first collaboration was his artistic interpretation of Formula 1 with Alpine on a 1/2 scale model, this second one is a real car that you can buy. Felipe took his artistic abilities to four Alpine A110s, giving them a design that makes it look as though they are constantly in motion.

“My idea regarding the work on the A110 is to evoke a sense of “ultradynamism”. Visual speed is something that I have been investigating for years now and I feel it really comes together on this car, emphasizing its brilliant design with a fast, technological look”, says Felipe Pantone.

Of the four examples donning Felipe Panton's artwork, three of them will be for sale for 125,000 euros, which is about $153,000 USD. Alpine says that they will release information regarding how to purchase them in the future.

Source: Alpine