Sir Richard Branson loves the Range Rover Astronaut Edition

Today marks a new era for spaceflight as Spaceship III was unveiled this morning. Instead of being towed out with something plebian, the official support craft for Virgin Galactic is the new Range Rover Astronaut Edition. Sir Richard has penned a new deal with Land Rover for three more years of collaboration.

Not only for logistics and hard work, the posh 4WD will also be the limousine for their Future Astronaut corps. This is a group of over 600 people who have booked sub-orbital travel from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

These bespoke Autobiographies wear Zero Gravity Blue paint inspired by the night sky. The interior has references to pioneering spacecraft in embroidery and in carbon fiber. Under the hood is their supercharged 5-liter offering 525 horsepower to all wheels. Here's to Virgin Galactic for making space tourism a reality. You too can experience the Astronaut Edition at our dealers, so stay with us for all your Land Rover news.

Images (C) Jaguar Land Rover