An easy-to-use kite wing can add 5 knots to the boat's speed.

The very first SILENT 60 solar electric catamaran has been launched and it comes packing some unique, green technology. SILENT-Yachts describes the SILENT 60 as a "green" yacht, thanks to the powerful 42 solar panels and the aforementioned kite wing. The innovative kite wing allows the boat to take advantage of the window without needing a massive mast. This kite wing is stored in a box at the bow and the process for getting up in the sky is pretty simple. If you've put a regular kite up into the air, you can put this kite wing up into the air.

“The kite system sounds like the perfect match for windy days together with the electric propulsion system of SILENT-YACHTS,” said the German owner of the first SILENT 60. “I am an enthusiast of new technologies which help, little by little, to overcome the ecological challenges we are facing today.”

While this is the first SILENT 60, there are eight more hulls currently under construction and 17 have been ordered in total. Be sure to also check out: Silent-Yachts Sells Three Electric 80 Tri-Deck Catamarans Worth Over $6.6 Million Each

Source: SILENT-Yachts